Everything you ever need

So one month has passed and today I spent the day very differently to how I spent my day one month ago. Today I didn’t wake up feeling like this was it for me, like my only option left was to end it all, and I’m not in ITU intubated and having recurrent seizures.No. Today […]

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I made it

Goodbye January. To say I won’t be glad to see the back of this month would be a lie, but I hope that February will be good to me. The past 31 days have been mostly horrific and will likely be the month I will never forget. The month began with me attempting to take […]

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17 years

Recently I decided that I would try and be as open and honest with my friends and family about how I really felt. After giving them a huge shock when I attempted to take my life at the beginning of this month I decided to really try and just be honest. However, it isn’t that […]

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D-Day with the Crisis Team

D-day arrived. Literally D-Day. Discharge from the Crisis Team. I still have the access to phone them and they will still have my notes etc, but no more visits from them. I’m scared. They arrived, 10:30am, with my new Recovery Team worker, who thankfully I had met before. I had never felt more anxious for […]

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I’m here

“All it takes is faith and trust” 20 days since my last blog post, where in summary, I evaluated 2017 and ended it with sharing how I was in a better place now and hoped for a happy and healthy 2018. On Saturday 6th January I attempted to take my life. I overdosed on two […]

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Review of 2017

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering “It will be happier”   I haven’t made a blog entry since May 2017- which was my first blog entry. Whoops. I therefore feel that I should review my 2017 before starting fresh for a new year and new service support. The year went by kind of crazy. […]

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“Move out of your comfort zone, you can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new” It seems that 2017 is the year for blogging. I seem to be drawn to every individuals blog regardless of what the subject is when it pops up on any of […]

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